Investment Performance

Investment Performance

Investment returns, net of fees, for the periods ending December 31, 2022, were as follows:

CFSJC Return Standard Benchmark CPI + 5%
One Year -14.3% -16.3% +11.7%
Three Year +5.8% +2.0% +10.1%
Five Year +6.0% +3.7% +9.0%
Ten Year +6.9% +5.7% +7.7%
Since Inception +7.4% +4.4% +7.6%

The Standard Benchmark is comprised of the following weighted indices: 65% All Country World Index and 35% Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund. The Community Foundation compares its performance to this benchmark to determine if active management of our investment portfolio produces a superior return to what a typical, passively invested endowment portfolio would produce.

The Community Foundation also compares our performance to a long-term benchmark comprised of 5% plus the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Over the long-term, the Foundation seeks to earn 5% plus CPI to cover the cost of annual grants to charity while protecting the real value of the underlying endowments.


For Periods Ending December 31, 2022

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