Recent Senior Living Grants

Fall 2021

LOGAN: $36,800

This grant will support the pressing needs of LOGAN’s senior clients, including a wheelchair-accessible van to transport Adult Day Services clients, general funding for LOGAN’s guardianship and advocacy program, and support for emergency client needs such as housing, clothing, and medical items. Funding will also be used to address residential living needs, including adaptive and handicap-accessible items placed in client bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces. All LOGAN senior clients that require support from this grant are diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability.

REAL Services: $25,000

As part of its COVID Recovery Plan, REAL Services needs to reengage and recruit volunteers at a volume that is greater than what the organization has experienced in the past. The need is urgent and stretches across program areas. Grant funds will be used to launch a multifaceted media campaign that will include billboards, TV and radio spots, print publications and other marketing materials to recruit approximately 160 additional volunteers in St. Joseph County.

Spring 2021

REAL Services: $350,000 (payable over 3 years)
Funds will be used to support Care Connections at Milton Village REAL Services’ project that will be unique to Indiana and like no other in the country, as far as true person-centered dementia care and caregiver support. REAL Services, the Center for Hospice Care, and their partners set out to create a new model for dementia care and a comprehensive caregiver support center. The Foundation granted $750,000 for this project in 2019.  This additional award brings our total commitment to $1.1 million. This center will address the needs of caregivers and the needs of those affected with dementia. The Caregiver Resource Center will focus on the caregiver, where they will increase their knowledge base, find support, comfort, and recharge. Milton Village will create a unique state of the art dementia focused adult day center that will promote well-being, expressive arts and person-centered care.

South Bend Heritage Foundation: $10,000
Funds will be used to help South Bend Heritage Foundation (SBHF) enhance the lives of low-income senior residents by providing resident life and senior initiative programming that includes components of aging in place principles. This included supportive services and activities that offer opportunities for engagement, education, and continued socialization to preserve dignity as the population grows older. Through the work of the Aging in Place Resident Life Program, low income seniors at SBHF properties are provided with opportunities to lessen isolation, increase health awareness and resources, and keep their minds stimulated and active, reducing cognitive decline. 

LOGAN: $7,000
Funds will be used to support two training and educational opportunities for LOGAN staff to learn how to work with those with dementia. First, the online class Dementia with a Heart provided by Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services, where after LOGAN would have access to the coursework and manuals to train staff at their discretion. The second is a collaborative undertaking with REAL Services to sponsor a conference by The National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices, allowing it to be held in the Midwest for the first time. Support of the conference also includes guaranteed spots for staff at the 2 conference days as well as an additional “Train the Trainer” opportunity. 

Winter 2020

LOGAN: $20,000
Funds will be used to allow LOGAN senior clients to age-in-place in the various group, waiver, and supported living sites owned by LOGAN Community Resources, by updating areas to be easy to access and to make them ADA compliant. These updates at various homes include an upgraded bathroom, a patio, cement work to improve accessibility, lift chairs, an ADA toilet and appliances.

REAL Services: $50,000
Funds will be used to support REAL Services Adult Guardianship Program which helps to improve health of the community by providing care and support to the disabled and senior citizens in St. Joseph County who are the most vulnerable due to neglect or mistreatment of individuals by family or friend caregivers who often take advantage of the diminished state of the individuals.  Although funds are received through government grants, the funds are not enough to provide the level of service needed to provide for even the basic needs of their clients.

Spring 2020

LOGAN: $84,000
Funds will be used to cover costs for seniors with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in their group and supported living programs, Studios, and for Protective Services program as well as a portion of the personal protective equipment (PPE) they must purchase related to COVID-19.

REAL Services: $50,000
Funds will be used to purchase protection supplies (acrylic shields:  both sneeze and desk guards) in response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic for multiple departments including Nutrition, Transportation, Aging and Disability Resource Center, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services and their Main Office in South Bend.

Indiana Women in Need: $2,700
Funding will be used to support their Pink Portions Program to supply meal assistance for low-income seniors enduring breast cancer treatment.  Participants will receive nutritious meals delivered to their doorstep every two weeks for a total of three months, helping to protect this at-risk population from COVID-19 exposure.

Major RFP 2019

REAL Services: $750,000
Funds will support the creation of the Care Connections Center at Milton Village. This exciting new model of care for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia includes a day center “village” that incorporates reminiscence therapy, as well as a hub of services for caregivers featuring education opportunities, respite, and other support.

St. Joseph Health System: $500,000 
Funds will support St. Joseph Health System’s Older Adult Community Healthworker Initiative, allowing it to broaden its base of service to include seniors who are referred by four additional agencies: HealthLinc, Indiana Health Center, Oaklawn, and REAL Services. SJHS’s Community Healthworkers visit seniors in their homes, helping them access resources that contribute to their health, safety, and independence.

Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County: $300,000
Funds will support Habitat for Humanity’s Aging in Place Senior Living Initiative. This program provides home repairs and modifications that make it possible for local seniors to stay in their own homes longer. In addition, Habitat for Humanity is spearheading a new collaboration among a larger group of organizations that help seniors access related services.

Winter 2019

South Bend Heritage Foundation (SBHF): $8,500
Funds will support SBHF’s Resident Life Program.  South Bend Heritage provides supportive living services to seniors at Historic Rushton Apartments, Robertson’s Apartments and Oliver Apartments. The Resident Life Program helps urban, low-income elderly remain independent and socially engaged for as long as possible.

Spring 2019

LOGAN: $14,500
LOGAN will use these funds to provide activities and social outings for LOGAN’s senior clients who are primarily in day services at three sites.  All of LOGAN’s clients are diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability, live at the poverty level due to their Social Security, SSI, or Waiver support check amount.

Winter 2018

Food Bank of Northern Indiana: $30,000
Funds will be used to expand the Food Bank’s current Senior Nutrition Program and also to implement healthy cooking demonstrations (the Healthy Choices Market program) at senior housing complexes in St. Joseph County.

LOGAN: $25,500
Funds will be used to help support a portion of the cost to purchase a handicap accessible van for seniors participating in Studios, an adult day services program at LOGAN.  Currently there are 26 seniors (over 65 years of age) with an additional 90 people in the 50-65 age bracket who participate in the Studios program.

South Bend Heritage Foundation: $8,500
Funds will support SBHF’s Resident Life Program.  South Bend Heritage Foundation provides supportive living services to seniors at Historic Rushton Apartments, Robertson’s Apartments and the newly added Oliver Apartments. The Resident Life Program helps urban, low-income elderly remain independent and socially engaged for as long as possible.

Spring 2018

REAL Services, Inc.: $47,000
Funds will be used to implement a cloud-based data bank that will facilitate data sharing across REAL Services’ programs.  This data bank system could eventually allow broader information sharing throughout the community between medical providers and social service agencies.

Busy Hands of Michiana: $2,005
Funds will be used to purchase fabrics, yarn and thread to provide hand-made items, free of charge, to various organizations that serve seniors in need.

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